plumping lip glaze

NEW ARRIVAL: Plumping Lip Glaze in Clear

▪ High-shine, lip formula that plumps and hydrates for a full, soft pout.
▪ Cheery pops of glaze add the perfect splash of color and shine to your lip look.
▪ Each shade features scintillating sparkles and a refreshing mint flavor that bring the bling!
▪ Hydrators and lip plumping ingredients give that pout an extra punch!
▪ Delectable shades instantly touch lips with a gentle, tiny tingle.
▪ Lips become better hydrated, more defined, firmer, and smoother.

▪ Features 1.0% MAXI-LIP™* plumping complex to plump lips from the inside out.

In a clinical study of MAXI-LIP™:
- @ 1.0%: 100% saw improved condition of the lips
- With continued use of MAXI-LIP™:
- See +40% in lip volume!
- Lips feel +70% smoother!

*1.0% MAXI-LIP™ is used under authorization of Sederma Inc.

0.11 fl. oz./3.5 mL

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