All In One Mascara

Your one-stop mascara
  • Long-lasting mascara
  • For ultimate volume, length, and curl
  • Two brushes in one: for volume and separation of the lashes
  • The special mascara brush is made by fusing two different brushes, causing the fibers to hook together. The denser areas are perfect for separating the lashes, whereas the areas with fewer fibers add color and volume. No need to worry about smudging or flaking during the day—the formula is smudge-proof and extra long-lasting! The All in One Mascara is also wonderfully nourishing. Carnauba wax from the carnauba palm cares for the lashes and keeps them soft and flexible. All in One Mascara—for seriously addictive lashes.

    Top ingredients and their effect:

    • Carnauba wax has a nourishing effect and adds shine to the lashes


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