Stay All Day Mascara


A customized blend of waxes helps to comb and curl lashes, while keeping them soft to the touch. Stila's unique double-material curved brush combines the lash-lifting powers of nylon fibers with the volume-boosting strength of Hytrel molded plastic. Thanks to its long-lasting power (12-hour wear), your lashes stay long, full and lush all day with no flaking or smudging.


  • Blend of Candelilla wax, carnauba wax and synthetic beeswax helps to condition, comb, define and curl lashes.
  • Vegan (no mineral waxes or oils, no preservatives, no talc nor TEA)
  • Nylon brush/Hytrel molded-plastic brush allows for precise application and maximum lift and volume.
  • Tubular formula ensures gentle removal with warm water; simply wet cotton pad and lay onto top of lashes to saturate then remove by sweeping in a downward motion.

    Usage and Application Tips:

  • For a natural lash lift, swipe on with the nylon brush. Comb through lashes with the Hytrel (molded plastic) side. Remove with warm water
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