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Purifying Shower Head

  • 2-step circular filtration process reduces unwanted metals, chlorine and impurities in hard water.
  • Saves 25% of the water.
  • Boosts pressure up to 2 times.

Directions for Installation

  • Remove the old shower head.
  • Attach the Purifying Shower Head to the hose.
  • Run the water for 30 seconds.


  • KDF 55: Reduces water-soluble metals such as lead, iron, copper, mercury, and nickel.
  • Amino Acid: Boosts filtration.
  • Activated Carbon Fibre: Reduces trihalomethane (THMs) and odour.


Each Refill Cartridge lasts for 13,000 litres of water, which is around 4 months for a household of 2.

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